Monday, 18 February 2008

We aren't meddling ...

After meeting TweedleK and TweedleO earlier today, and reiterating what her boss had said regarding a coalition Kenya, she dismissed suggestions that the USA was meddling in the affairs of Kenya.

"This is not a matter of dictating a solution to Kenyans," she drawled - sorry - she said, after her meetings with the Tweedle twins.

Honey, from where I am standing, you're sure as Hell meddling, banning certain Kenyans from travelling to the USA, threatening to cut off all aid to Kenya.

I am not saying the USA shouldn't meddle. After all, so far they have a good score sheet, Cuba, Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam, and so it goes on - oh yes, and Grenada.

It is a funny thing. Bush is not much liked in the USA. He is not much liked in Europe. But he seems to be a hero to most Africans. Maybe he should be "elected" President of Africa once his stint at the White House is over. Of course, free and fair elections are as alien to Dubya as they are to certain Kenyan politicians - mentioning no names - nod, nod, wink, wink.

There is a precedent. Our Tiny Blur (or is it Tony Blair? I forget.) is President of the Middle East, or thinks he is.

Most over here wish he would go there and stay there - and take his successor with him.
(This statement is NOT based on any scientific data!)

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