Tuesday, 10 November 2009

All Aboard the Skylark ...

It's nearly time for "All Aboard the Skylark" or whatever Sir Richard calls his infernal flying machines, and I am busy packing, checking, unpacking, weighing, repacking, re-checking, re-weighing, - well, you get the picture - . so blogging is probably going to be low down on the "To-Do" list until I get to Kisii, which will be late afternoon on Thursday 12th.

I do have wi-fi on my laptop but as the battery can only hold a charge for about 7 seconds, rules dictate that it has  to go in the cargo hold rather than as hand baggage, so I will not be able to blog during the interminable wait between checking in of luggage and actually getting on the Skylark (or Airbus).

I just hope that the check-in staff are lenient with people carrying stuff for charities! They were last time so I am banking on that, and the fact that the aircraft won't be full.

Isn't it weird that the word 'blog' is not in the blogspot spell-checker dictionary? Nor is blogspot, come to that!

Thirty-six Hours To Go

In a little less than 36 hours time, I will be on a Virgin Atlantic plane, winging my way to Kenya.

Am I ready? Is everything packed? Do I even know where my passport is?

No, no and no.


Monday, 9 November 2009

Now I Know How a Headless Chicken Feels ...

I have a list, in fact I have three lists, one for what I've got to take to Kenya, one for what I have got to do before I go, and one for what I have got to do for Nyanya Mzungu before I go.

Unfortunately, I keep losing the lists, or start doing something on the list when I get interrupted by Nyanya Mzungu, who is making sure I have such-and-such on her list. She is not looking forward to being left alone while I am in Kenya, but at the same time keeps telling me I have to live my own life.

I have been to the bank to pay cheques in, probably the last I will receive from clients before I leave. While I was in town (somewhere I try to avoid), I had a look in the Pound Shop and got some little things for the Twiga Children's Centre, pens, pencils, and stuff.

I have collected my currency, which will last me about one day in Kenya as I will have to pay for the car that is picking me up from JKIA and taking me to Kisii - yes, I am travelling in style for once. It is a bit of a relief as I am taking two cases and that just about fills the back of a matatu, making me unpopular with the rest of the passengers.

I had arranged a lift to Heathrow, but my friend suddenly decided to take a 4-day break in Spain. I was worried that he might not bother to come back - but he has, so that's a relief.

I still haven't started to pack, although I have sorted through the six boxes of clothes (thanks Manuela for your help) that have been donated to the Children's Centre and decided what I should take. I won't be able to take all of it, there is just too much, but as least I have sorted out the stuff that I do not need to take, mainly the baby stuff - we don't have any babies at the Children's Centre at the moment.

As an aside, just to throw a small spanner in the works, I have to take Nyanya Mzungu to see the doctor tomorrow - just a check-up, thankfully. I also have to take her shopping. She has been through the freezer at least three times in the last 24 hours, just to make sure there is enough food for her while I am away.

So, what's left? Draw a bit of sterling cash to take with me, pack and go. Hey! I'm ahead of schedule!

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Jim Humble's MMS

I have written about Jim Humble's MMS, or Miracle Mineral Supplement here. I am sceptical about anything that boasts the word 'miracle' in its title, so if its claims are to be believed, I have to see the proof - not reports from other people.

So I acquired some of this supplement, which consists of two bottles of liquid which have to be mixed together just before taking - it tastes horrible. All I needed was an ailment to treat and recently, I was in luck, so to speak.

I broke a tooth whilst eating, chomped the broken bit into the resulting cavity and pushed my other teeth out of place, all of which resulted in a pain under the damaged tooth, probably caused by an abscess.

Although I tried to get an emergency appointment with the dentist, I was out of luck, so nursing an aching face, I turned to MMS, I have to say, with no expectations other than a bad taste in the mouth!

I gave myself quite a hefty dose, swilled it around the damaged tooth and gum, then swallowed. I didn't notice any effect, but a couple of hours later, realised that the swelling had gone down and the pain was almost gone.

The following day, there was no swelling and no pain.

That's twice I have used MMS, and on both occasions my condition has improved very quickly. I still don't endorse MMS, but feel that it is worth further investigation.

We will remember them.

“They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old;
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning