Saturday, 21 June 2008

Just like London Buses

Work was flagging in the UK, so during a visit to Kenya, I decided to sink my small fortune (I wish!!) in a business in Kenya, which would help support the orphanage as well as earning me a bit of money.

With my good friend, we found a business for sale, but as I explained in a previous post, that was not to be, and we set about starting from scratch.

As things were quiet here, I was hoping to spend a lot of time planning the opening of our new venture (next Tuesday, Internet connection willing), designing posters etc. to send over to Kenya as my friend is busy with settting up, cabling and all that sort of thing.

But, as Murphy's Law would have it, I have been rushed off my feet! work is coming in thick and fast. Having had a period of near famine (work-wise) I am now getting enquiries coming all together, just like London buses.

For a start, the charity, Rhino Ark ( has just held their annual mad-cap 4x4 endurance event somewhere in the Rift Valley and loads of photos were sent to me (I maintain their website) for uploading.

And it seems that every other client here has contracted a virus, mainly because they don't regularly run their virus scan software, or don't keep it up to date.

I have a pile of very slow computers sitting here, waiting to be cleaned off.

Oh well, it shouldn't take me long to get my air fare together to return to Kenya at this rate, although I heard this morning that airlines were putting up fares by a staggering 40% to cover increased fuel costs - Heaven help us!

Friday, 20 June 2008

So far, so good ...

After all the messing about, with both a business seller and the landlord of the premises raising their price when he found out that he was dealing with a mzungu, and sending money out to buy equipment, rent premises, etc., my man in Kisii tells me we are ready to go - apart from the Internet connection, which will be in place on Monday.

So, we should be trading on Tuesday!

All we need now is a few clients, or better still, lots of clients.

So, anyone in Kisii reading this, there will be a new cyber café in town next week!

The name? DABIVAM TECHNOLOGIES. (Don't ask, it's another story)

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Back Up

Well, this blog has been searched for racism and bigotry. The only instances found were in comments.

There were instances where small-minded people might be offended, but we consider that they do not represent the majority of the readshship.

This site is declared sanitised.

Sunday, 15 June 2008

Closing for Maintenance

I will be pulling the blog and going through it to look for and correct any instances of bigotry, racism, or anything that might upset any small-minded people who insist on reading it, even if they are offended by it and post insulting language (but not fair criticism).

Once this blog has been sanitised, it will be reposted.

Zim ... Uncle Bob's pledge

I was horrified to read that President Mugabe has promised that, regardless of the outcome of the run-off election, the MDP will never rule Zimbabwe.

It's nice to know that the old boy has such a good sense of democracy!

But then, Mugabe's wife was overheard to say to her hubby that that, no matter what, Tsvangirai will never step foot in the State House.

It makes the recent Kenyan presidential election look like a milk-run.

At least someone, in the shape of Botswana, has dared raise their head above the parapet and lodged a formal complaint against Mugabe. It's about time that South Africa followed their neighbour's lead. But then, shouldn't they have been leading?