Monday, 25 February 2008

Too Late To Back Out!

I logged on to Mzungu Chick's blog, as I do every day, and there she says she had heard tear gas cannisters being fired!

Do I really want to hear this 48 hours before I touch down in Nairobi? 48 hours can be a very long time in Kenya.

Then I read the talks are faltering and Kofi Annan has resorted to slapping wrists.

Harder, Mr Annan. Hit 'em harder!

And finally there is still the threat of peaceful mass protests (Riots)on the part of ODM supporters, if they aren't totally p!ssed off being shot at by the Police.

Sunday, 24 February 2008

Always someone willing to throw the spanner ...

Like there aren't enough problems in Kenya Kofi Annan isn't having a hard enough job keeping the two sides talking (dare I say negotiating?) ... but some loser has to try and throw a spanner in the works!

The loser in question is Antony Ndung’u Kirori, who lost his fight to become a legislator in the Kenyan Government. He obviously doesn't understand the rules, if you don't get enough votes, you lose!

Having lost his fight to win Raila's seat, he is challenging the validity of the mediation talks and wants the High Court to issue an order restraining all the negotiators from adopting any resolution by the Kofi Annan team which is likely to alter the governance structure of Kenya in violation of the Constitution.

His rants, which have been submitted to the courts, if taken seriously will only help the people intent on ruining the country. So, can anyone tell me, what is his agenda?