Thursday, 21 February 2008

Problems, problems ...

I have contacted everyone I know, or have even a tenuous contact with, black and white, in Kenya and they all say that it will be safe for me to travel next week. The worst that could happen is that the road block may come out and I will be stuck wherever I happen to be.

This is not a great problem as I am staying with friends wherever I am going.

Except ...

My business partner in Nairobi has just sent me a rare email telling me categorically that I should not travel to Kenya.

So, who is right? A dozen or so people I know vaguely, or my business partner, who I know slightly better?

And if the majority are right, what is my partner up to? Is he really concerned for my safety, or does he have a hidden agenda?

My gut instinct is to pull out of this business arrangement and go elsewhere. But I will wait until I am in Nairobi and meet up with my man before I make any decision.


On another tack, my fiancee on the coast has just texted me to say that she has been given notice to quit her home as the landlord wants to renovate it.

She has found another, smaller, place for her, me and her two children, but her present house is shared with her extended family, two cousins, a sister and various school-aged kids.

She is asking what she should do.

I am intending to get a place eventually, but no on the coast. It is too hot and humid for me. It is fine for a holiday, but I could not work there.

Another dilemma!

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