Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Away from the Politics

I am excited, very excited. in fact I have shaved off about 50 years from my 57!

I'm going to Kenya! Next Tuesday evening, I board a Boeing 777-200 with another 8 people (so far) and fly to Nairobi.

Once there, only one thing is certain. I am going to be with my fiancée and her kids for her son's 6th birthday.

Other than that, everything is a bit fluid at the moment. I know I will be spending time in Nairobi. I know I will be spending time (at least a week) in Kisii, where our orphanage is located.

This is my town of preference for when (if) I settle down. I have friends there. The orphanage is there.

It is a provincial town of about 70,000, big enough to have all the big shops (all things are relative), a reasonable bus service to the big city, and a nice climate, not too hot and not too cold. The area is hilly, green and well watered and the soil is extremely fertile - paradise town within paradise country.

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