Monday, 18 February 2008

Condaleeza in Kenya

OK, so Ms Rice is in Kenya, attempting to find a solution to the crisis caused by TweedleK and TweedleO fighting over the rattle that is ultimate power [and wealth] in Kenya.

But will TweedleK feel the need to make any real compromise, unless the wealth of his cronies in big business (and his own) are under threat? What is the death of a few (1,000) ordinary Kenyans in the greater scheme of things?

But if the USA pulls the plug on aid to Kenya (or to the Mount Kenya Mafia), he make be forced to make bigger concessions.

And if the World Bank stops turning a blind eye to the appalling corruption (how many times do they have to fund the same project over and over again without question?) and stop pouring money into the bottomless pits that are the pockets of a chosen few, maybe the owners of those pockets will stop pulling the strings and allow Kenya to become truly democratic.

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