Friday, 23 April 2010

Freecycle & Freegle

What a wonderful scheme Freecycle is!

For those who have not seen it, it is a way of getting rid of stuff you no longer want, but which still has life left in it, so someone else might like to use it - anything from furniture to odds & sods.

I use it regularly to get things for the kids at the Twiga Children's Centre in Kisii, Kenya.

The last time I was  there, all the kids wanted to listen to the two or three music tracks on my cell phone, so the battery was often discharged by the time I wanted to use it. So I asked the Freecyclers if they had any walkmans they no longer wanted.

I have so far received a walkman, and two portable CDs, loads of music CDs and some tapes.

Having a deaf child on the Twiga register, I also asked for people's old hearing aids, and have received six! Obviously, I don't know if they will be any good for Simon, but if we don't try, we will never know.

In the past, we have received toys and clothes from Freecyclers, all of which have given a lot of joy to the children.

So, I give A** 10/10 to the Freecycle scheme (I include Newbury Freegle in this - it started out in the Freecycle scheme, but broke away, but is still going strong).

Thank you to all who have donated stuff for the kids.

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Blogging Scarce

Blogging could be a little scarce for a while for several reasons:

  1. Real life is getting in the way of my e-life, demanding that I get off my ... er ... seat and get out of the house;
  2. My DSL router is a bit flaky, and I lose connection more than I find it
  3. Nothing much has happened. The volcanic dust hasn't affected me as I'm not going anywhere in the near future, the election campaign passes me by as I live in a Tory safe seat and it doesn't much matter what I think or how I vote, it won't make any difference (which isn't to say that I will not vote).
So, until I find myself in front of my computer at a moment of inspiration and I also have Internet connection, I won't have a lot to say - sorry.