Tuesday, 8 July 2008

So, why DO we pay more for diesel?

Well, it is easy really. Not too long ago, the government encouraged people to buy the more expensive diesel cars, citing the fact that they are more fuel efficient and greener.

When diesel cars became really popular, the government slapped more tax on it so that a litre of diesel is now £1.33 (and climbing), whereas petrol is £1.20. Clever government!

Now, it is estimated that you have to do at least 40,000 miles a year to make owning a diesel car worthwhile.

But it doesn't end there. The government offered free parking spaces to people who bought an electric car to commute to London. What happened? Commuters bought electric cars, and now the government has scrapped the scheme because it is costing them too much - and they have run out of parking spaces!

Our government may not be corrupt (although nothing would surprise me), but they are totally unscrupulous - and inept.


Ssembonge said...

120 p must be hell. But I guess its business as usual for those who own Chelsea tractors.

We are paying $4 per gallon which I think is reasonable.

Blighty holds the record for my most expensive fill-up.


Dad Mzungu said...

Unforunately, I drive a 4x4, turbo-diesel, 7-seat ... well, in Kenya, it would be a matatu. It is thirsty, but I don't have a choice.
So I pay 132.9p a litre.