Saturday, 12 July 2008

PC in Britain

Police Constable? - No
Personal Computer, then? - Nope

Political Correctness, that's what it is. The mindset that lets white Christian people decide that we should not have Christmas decorations in the towns because it may offend non-Christians (who make up 4% of the population. I believe) - these same non-Christians who join us Christians in the festivities!

And now for the latest.

A mother of a severely epileptic child has to take him to school every day. If she were using her own car, there would not be a problem. But she doesn't. She uses a taxi provided by the authorities - so she has to undergo a Police check to make sure she has no criminal record of child abuse. She only accompanies her own child, no other children are in the taxi. So now, until the checks have been carried out, she is not allowed to accompany her son to school.

The child needs constant supervision. She and her husband are the only people trained to administer drugs should the need arise.

Is it just me, or is this situation really - REALLY - crazy?

I agree that children need to be protected and a mechanism has to be in place. But checking out the parents? Come on, that is a bit stupid.

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