Monday, 15 March 2010

How Old Do You Feel?

I have been bombarded with literature (adverts) from SAGA. For those who don't know, SAGA is a company that offers a host of services for over-fifties, such as car insurance, holidays, etc. It is not necessarily the cheapest or best, but it is tailored for the over fifties - so I was annoyed, very annoyed, until I realised that I was over fifty.

Now, I am approaching the age when I will be entitled to a free bus pass, that is, sixty. When this was pointed out to me by a "friend", I told him that he was mistaken - but he wasn't. In June I will be of that age.

So I would be able to travel for free - if only we had a decent bus service.

The problem is, I don't feel sixty. I don't even feel fifty.

OK, I admit that the body isn't as supple as it was, but then it never has been that supple. I suffer back problems, which I believe were caused by an incident when I was a serving police officer - many years ago.

I suffer from osteo-arthritis due to having broken my ankle in the early 90s. Both injuries were incurred long before I was fifty.

I am happy to delude myself about my age. I am as old as I feel, surely? And it is a nasty shock when I receive literature from SAGA to remind me that I am mortal and that my age number is creeping up.

It is also a shock when I realise that the average life expectancy for a man is 77 years. Now that makes me feel old!

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