Monday, 12 January 2009

Food Crisis in Kenya Part II

How long before it goes from this ...

Courtesy of The Standard 12/1/09

... to this?


Millennium Housewife said...

I saw this photo in 'The Bang Bang Club' quite a read. It's horrendous and it's so easy to fix, for goodness sake why won't everybody wake up??? The things we think we need are being paid for by people, families, whole races that we are oblivious to, because we choose to be. What do you think would be one single thing everyone could do to help change? I'd happily run it as a campaign with you on our blogs. MH

Millennium Housewife said...

ps, does the sponsoring a child thing work as well as we think, or is it more a show? x

Dad Mzungu said...

The problem is that aid money from the "West" gets diverted and very little trickles down to where it is needed. Just look at the accounts of some major charities (I mention no names).
And then of course, Govt. aid money gets wasted on logistics reports, paying for fat cats to produce useless paper whilst staying in luxury hotels, drawing ex-pat salaries and driving brand-new 4x4s - or it just gets pocketed.
Small organisations, such as mine don't even get a look in, and we could make a difference, a small difference. But if all small organisations made a small difference, it would become a big difference.
As to sponsoring children, again, that depends on who you sponsor through.
KCIS arranges sponsorship at two locations in Kenya - our own home and a school/orphanage on the Coast. Sponsorship money goes straight to the kids' home.
If you want more details, email me at david AT kcisupport DOT plus DOT com.