Saturday, 17 January 2009

Food Crisis in Kenya Pt III

Despite President Mwai Kibaki declaring the food shortages in Kenya a national emergency, and appeals for Ksh 37 billion (£321 million) in aid, a delegation of Kenyan legislators are making their way to Washington for the inauguration of President Barak Obama, despite the fact they have not been invited and will not be attending the ceremony.

Courtesy of Daily Nation 17/1/09

Needless to say, this little jolly is being paid for out of taxes, or to put it bluntly, the Kenyan people. This despite these same legislators refusing to pay tax on their bloated expense allowances.

The crisis is so bad that even areas considered the "bread-basket" of Kenya are suffering food shortages. The price of food is rising to staggering heights, so even if there is food to buy, it is expensive.

People are blaming corruption within the Kenyan Government for the food shortage. Far be it for me to comment. All I know is what I see, and what I see is a delegation wasting tax money on a jaunt to Washington to watch the inauguration on TV in their hotel rooms!


glo said...

Its easy to deal with these selfish fools. The American embassy in Nairobi should not issue them with visas. The money they're going to waste traveling to The USA can be used to feed many poor families. Its very sad that some families have resulted to brewing alcohol to give to their children so that the kids can get drunk and fall asleep and not ask for food.

Sukuma Kenya said...

I am not sure whether we live in sick times or we are just more aware of the sickness that we are surrounded by...sickening.

Dad Mzungu said...

I can't imagine the USA being particularly interested in the goings-on in Kenya, even if Obama has links. They have more important fish to fry.
@Sukuma Kenya
It is not just in Kenya. The UK govt. leaves a lot to be desired. They have just prohibited the public from seeing what MPs spend their allowances on - this from a Govt who insists on being "transparent".
At least you and others like you are trying to do something about your government. We just sit back and let our bully us into submission.