Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Things looking up?

Well, Kofi is still in charge and there are rumours of a big coalition in the offing - but this is just rumour.

A news blackout, insisted up on by Mr Annan is igniting the fuel on the rumour fire. Still, the violence seems to have subsided, although there are apparently gangs of Mungiki still roaming around.

Dare I start to prepare for my now overdue trip to Kenya? I have a lot to do and it isn't getting any less while I am sitting here in the UK.

But I am getting negative feedback from one of my guys. I am really thinking he has a hidden agenda because all my other friends and contacts say that it is fine for me to go.

And Mr Negative is my first port of call when I step off the plane in Nairobi. He is my interface. Without him, I may actually have to fend for myself for a while!

Then there is our car - or rather the lack of. It was destroyed at the height of the disturbances and we are not in a position to replace it. We are, after all, a very small NGO.

I have tried contacting various aid agencies to see if I can beg, steal or borrow (no, maybe not steal) a vehicle, but to no avail. I am going to be carrying to much kit to easily use a matatu, so Mr Negative is it.

Oh well, I will just have to bombshell him and tell him I am coming on such and such a date and be ready to receive me, even if he feels totally underwhelmed (is that really a word?).


wordtryst said...

Saw you at Liz Fenwick's blog and mosied over. I think the mention of Swahili caught my attention - not that I know more than three, maybe four words, one of them being, of course, simba.

Your life sounds fascinating and adventurous.

Dad Mzungu said...

Fascinating and adventurous? At the present time, my life is very frustrating, but I will get over it.
I learned a few words of Swahili through necessity, then found that the kids in the children's home in Kisii don't speak it. The Kisii area has its own language which is nothing like Swahili - I'm getting too old to keep learning new languages. I will teach them English!
Anyway, thanks for your comments. It gives me the incentive to carry on writing.