Saturday, 16 February 2008

Foreign missions in dilemma over crisis

From Daily Nation: 2/16/2008

Kenya’s political crisis has put a number of foreign missions in a dilemma.

Some think there will be a negotiated settlement to the problem while others see a possible worsening of the situation, should the ongoing peace efforts fail.

Impeccable sources in diplomatic circles said the envoys and development partners including the World Bank have been meeting to chart the way forward if the problem takes long to resolve.

Britain, Kenya’s former colonial master, and the US are some of the countries expressing optimism that the talks will be fruitful and have made it clear that the country is too important to be left to go the Somalia way. [Really, I didn't know Kenya had oil!]

Yes, Kenya is so important that the US President, on a tour of Africa, is NOT visiting Kenya, but has sent Condoleeza Rice. The man is on the continent - why isn't he coming to Kenya, which he considers so important. Oh yes, no oil!

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