Tuesday, 5 February 2008

They Have Agreed on Something

Well, well, well. I didn't think I would be posting the above headline.
And it is not that they have agreed to disagree [well, maybe they have, but not in public].

Government and ODM mediators [yes both sides!] have agreed on major steps aimed at resolving the political crisis caused by the disputed Presidential election.

It looks like they have agreed to:

  • set up a Truth and Reconciliation Commission

  • encourage the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights investigation team and to ensure freedom of expression, press and peaceful assembly.

Now, the government has lifted the ban on live news coverage, which has been in place since the announcement of the Presidential results.

Today, the mediation team is going to tackle the political issues including how to resolve the disputed Presidential election results, constitutional and other legal reforms. This could be more difficult to resolve, methinks.

We shall see.

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