Sunday, 3 February 2008

And Still It Goes On ...

Kofi Annan has had his say, Ban too. But Kibaki is, according to Raila, still using rhetoric to instill hatred and create violence.

OK, Raila, but your answers don't exactly make the rampaging youth of Kenya sit down and think about what they are doing.

The ordinary Kikuyu may have voted for Kibaki. That is his right. That is democracy.

But, the ordinary Kikuyu did not rig the election. That was carries out by an elite, the only people who may benefit from such an act. The people who don't give a damn about ordinary Kenyans hacking and burning each other to death.

These are the people who really benefited from Kenyatta and latterly Kibaki. The don't want to lose their grip on the Kenyan economy, on the country's earnings, as most of it goes to them.

Now I hear that violence has flared up in Kisii, up to now a peaceful town with 300+ refugees. It seems that the policeman who assassinated David Too comes from Kisii.

However, I have spoken this morning to my friend in Kisii and he says that he was not aware of any troubles. Then the Internet connection went dead. Am I worried? Too damn right I am.

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