Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Rhino Charge 2010, Kenya

Just received this email, thought it could be useful

For the people intending to do attend the Rhino Charge - see notice from the organizers :
Rhino Charge, Garmin and Tracks4Africa have collaborated in producing a Spectator's Map which will give spectators all the information they need to navigate to and around the Rhino Charge this year.
Because the details of the Venue of the Charge are kept confidential, this information will be released in two stages.
You will need a Garmin "Nuvi" or any current Garmin map capable device that accepts a SD card in order to access this information. These are available from Titan Avionics at Wilson Airport, Robs Magic or Extreme Outdoors at Yaya Centre and Westgate Mall.
When you arrive at Check-In at Corner Baridi, you will be given a co-ordinate to put into your GPS. This will guide you to the Venue.
From 06:30hrs on Monday 31st May, you can obtain a memory card which will give spectators all the routes available to them at the Rhino Charge Venue including other information such as the position of the gauntlet, headquarters, medical facilities etc.
I will not be attending this year as I will be in the wrong country - again. However, I am trying to arrange my life around attending the UK event in October.


Paul Njoroge said...

Good stuff, needed a way of knowing where the Charge is this time, wouldn't want to be you, missing out on it and all! Thanks.

BabaMzungu said...

Hi Paul
I have been working with Rhino Ark for several years and I always seem to be in Kenya for the UK charge and in the UK for the Kenyan one.
Talk about bad planning. This year, I arrive in Kenya about 15 days too late.
One of these days ...