Wednesday, 13 January 2010

The Secret Plan To Freeze The World [?]

Originally posted by Bizarre news 13/01/2010

If you have been reading or watching any news at all in the last couple weeks you have noticed an unusual weather related trend to the stories. Record cold temperatures, record snow-falls, cold related deaths, frozen crops, severe weather.

This is odd when compared to what half of the climatologists [Ed: what about the other half?] in the world have been predicting for the last ten years, namely global warming. But it begins to make a bizarre sort of sense when you consider it in conjunction with the unexplained light display that occurred in the skies above Norway December of last year.

For days there was speculation as to what caused that bizarre spiral light in the sky, with no official explanation being given. Only after three days did the Russians come forward and claim that an experimental missile had been tested in the area and blew up in flight.

The media may have bought that story, but thinking people, or anybody who has ever seen pictures or video of exploding rockets, have their suspicions.

The story starts to make more sinister sense when you learn that a massive Partial Reflection Medium-Frequency Atmospheric Radar Facility is located in Ramfjordmoen, Norway, operated by European Incoherent Scatter Facility (EISCAT).

This facility is ostensibly for atmospheric research, but the United States' own High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (located in Alaska) has demonstrated that high energy beams shot into the upper atmosphere can literally "punch" holes in the protective layer surrounding the planet. Could such holes dramatically effect weather patterns around the world? Could it be a weather weapon disguised as benign research?

Certain international newspapers have finally picked up the story, demanding that the United States admit to its involvement and cease experimenting with the atmosphere and global weather patterns. Could we actually be on the brink of a new, man-made ice age?


Oranjepan said...

The answer to that is no - you are confusing weather with climate.

For UK latitudes this weather is normal, but because of variations in climate patterns (ie like the gulf stream) the UK is usually kept several degrees warmer than would be expected everything else being normal.

In other words paradoxically getting warmer on average can mean getting colder in up to 49% of places on the planet.

I'll bet you this summer in Berkshire will be hotter than normal!

KCIS said...
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KCIS said...

"I'll bet you this summer in Berkshire will be hotter than normal!"
That's what they said last year. Mine was, but I was in Kenya. Summer in Berkshire never appeared.

Sam said...

There are videos of similar things showing up over china. If you look at the generation pattern, it looks rather like a rocket spinning out of control.

The difference is, with those there's no magical blue beam, and the spiral doesn't look quite so artifical. Perhaps Russia/Norway is testing the vaunted missile shield that crops up every so often?