Monday, 19 January 2009


No, not me. Well, I don't think so, anyway.

Let me explain. I share Mzungu Mansion with Mama Mzungu, my mother, and I occupy the south wing (a large bedroom that doubles as an office, with my bank of various home-built computers, laptops and a Macintosh). It is tranquil and peaceful. I look out of my window over a valley and woodland.

Since Mama Mzungu was diagnosed with and treated for cancer in 2006 (OMG, was it that long ago?), I have been looking after her, as her memory slowly deteriorates, although her physical health remains good - for an 86-year-old.

But last weekend, I sensed more than just a lapse of memory. She was confused. Is this the onset of dementia?

And this may seem selfish, but if it is dementia, what is my future? What of my plans to visit Kenya on a regular basis?


Rafiki said...

Hey Baba Mzungu, sorry about your mama. Why don't you bring her over to Kenya? I am sure she would be very much welcomed here and she will probably enjoy her days here.

Dad Mzungu said...

Hi Rafiki
I am sure Mum would enjoy herself in Kisii. Her biggest love is to potter in the garden and grow flowers. In Kisii, she could do that all year round.
But, she says she is too old to travel so far. I will keep on badgering her, though.
One day, maybe. One day ...

nuttycow said...

Hi -

Sorry to hear about your mother. Have you taken her to the doctor? At the moment, she's the priority.