Sunday, 16 November 2008

The Colour of my Skin

I am white English, hence the name that I was given in Kenya, Baba Mzungu, which is "White Dad" in Swahili.

But when I was in Kenya last March, one little boy tried to change all this.

After his morning wash-down, I applied Vaseline to his skin. It makes him look good, and it keeps his skin from drying out.

After I had finished, he took the Vaseline pot and started to grease my bald pate, stating that he was greasing me to make me the same colour as him!


During the Summer, the home had a visitor from the USA, an American student volunteer called Amy.

Benta, one of our little girls, asked Amy what colour she was, to which Amy replied that she was white.

Benta tutted and shook her head. Later, as the Sunday dinner chicken was being plucked, Benta pointed to the chicken and then to Amy's arm. She was telling Amy that she was not white, but the colour of a plucked chicken!


Millennium Housewife said...

It's true though! I have a chicken in the fridge and just compared - perfect match! MH

Dad Mzungu said...

I really can't believe you did that!
I am lucky, I still have some Kenyan tan left over, although it really needs topping up.
Amy though, was very freckly and eventually turned pink in the sun.
Although Kisii is only 25km south of the Equator, it is 1,900 metres USL, so is temperate, 25°C in the day, 17°C at night - very pleasant.
The little boy curled up next to her is the same little boy who was greasing me. He has put on weight - at last (I had him treated for parasites the last time I was out there).

Dad Mzungu said...

That should have been ASL (above sea level), not USL, which means nothing! Sorry