Thursday, 12 June 2008

Bigotry and Racism

I have been called a racist and a bigot. By a person or people who hide behind anonymity. So I call them cowards.

I may be racist, a reverse racist, inasmuch as I prefer the company of most Kenyans to the company of most Brits, despite being British myself.

As to being a bigot, a prejudiced person who is intolerant of any opinions differing from his own, I plead "Not Guilty".

I have my own opinions - I wouldn't write a blog if I didn't - but I respect the right of people to have differing opinions. I respect the right of other people to disagree with me, just as I may disagree with them.

When I am threatened with the blog equivalent of "We know where you live!", things are going too far.

For the love of all that is decent, this is a blog! My thoughts, my feelings, nothing subversive. I am not out to change the world with a blog.

Having said that, I am out to change the world for a few people, a mere drop in the ocean of humanity. But I work hard to improve the lives of a few people.

I don't do it for thanks or praise. I'm not that good. But I do not expect to be despised by those I cannot help because I am a mzungu.

Maybe others will see what my friends and I are doing and emulate us. We shall see when our projects are fully operational.

Maybe then, the anonymous people who insult me and my kind will see that we are not all bad, even if our ancestors may have been.


Daniel Waweru said...

I've not seen anything that might count as bigotry; the post about arranging treatment for a kid ought to put paid to that.

Ignore the idiots.

Msanii_XL said...

Its really a shame, and like daniel has said i am yet to see anything to that effect. Ignore the idiot(s) or better yet disallow anonymous comments..

Dad Mzungu said...

The bigotry was not directed to this blog, but a comment I made on another.
Normally, I would ignore idiots. I can safely say that all my friends, bar one, are Kenyans, here or in Kenya.
But, the person, or people, who accused me of bigorty and racism have obviously read this blog, know where I work in Kenya and have intimated that they might sort me.
They even accused me of using my race to jump the hospital queue!
Never mind. I was upset when I wrote this - I have clamed down now.
But thanks for your comments.

glo said...

I urge those who think that you are racist to read your blog and see what kind of work you are doing to the kids in the orphanage. You are doing a great job to those kids. Ignore the idiots.

Dad Mzungu said...

Hi Glo
Thanks for your comment, and I will ignore those who make derogatory comments about me and Mzungu Chick.
I have not met her, but feel that I know her, her writing is very human. I wish I had her flair.
As to the orphanage, it would be nothing without my good friends Vincent and Abigael. They really do go without so that the children have at least the basics. I hope that my little venture into business will help them.

Kimya said...

I cannot believe the arrogant racist prick you are, from "your black little boy" who you refer to as your "little mite", your ignorant thoughts make it seem as though Kenya is one big basket case of Hiv and death- that only you can save, which is of course, completely false, as there are many who are living well and there is a widening and existing middle class(i.e why we didn't go the Rwanda way.). You are feeling useless, and Africa is the only place you feel wanted, or like a king.
And adding that "you do not expect to be despised by those you cannot help" is an arrogant and intentionally racist statement that you seem to imply that any African that speaks against you is i. mad at you and ii. mad "because you can't help them". Four fingers are pointing back at you no wonder your blog is not popular, I can see why anyone who chooses to wipe it off the web, or sort you out in Kisii, would be inclined to. Typical racist and typical of men your age and heritage. No, I am not surprised.

Dad Mzungu said...

Thanks Kimya. You have really opened my eyes to what a racist idiot I have been.
I have been working my butt off to find ways of helping those who want to be helped - what a fool I have been. I have obviously been wasting my time.
So maybe I'll save my money and not bother to help to support the two orphanages and enjoy a holiday.
Oh, and if you want to make a donation to supporth these kids, let me know and I will tell you where to send it.