Friday, 16 May 2008

What's It For?

As I sit here, writing my blog entry, I wonder "Why?"

Why am I doing this? Is anyone actually reading this?

Of course, no blogger knows whether their work is being read unless they get comments from the readers. I have had a couple, but they are few and far between.

So, am I wasting my time writing this?

Then another question pops up. Does it really matter? Why did I start writing a blog? Why does anyone?

In my case, it was to put down "on paper" my frustrations and fears over Kenya and my desire to return to the country of my choice. In which case, does it matter whether any one else reads it?

No. I think I am writing this to let off steam, to put my thoughts down wher I can see them and maybe make a decision, or at least see a problem more clearly.

So then, why not a diary, written in Word or similar? Or even, a real diary, you know, pen into exercise book?

OK, the last comment is ridiculous. I am left-handed and get cramp in my poor old hand after writing two lines. Then it becomes unreadable, not tht it would be a problem as no one would read it anyway.

Is there a little vanity in bloggers? Do they hope that someone will read their blog and maybe even award one of those little badges that so many seem to be passing around to one another? Maybe.

Do I really care if no one reads my blog? Probably.

Would I be happy if someone awarded me a "Good Blogger" badge? Definitely, but at the same time, seeing the quality of other bloggers, I would be surprised.

Oh well ...


glo said...

I read your blog a lot but I'm a bit lazy at writing any comments. Keep those posts coming. Have you moved to Kisii yet?

Dad Mzungu said...

It's nice to know that someone reads it, even if, at times it descends to drivel!
I haven't moved to Kisii yet, I am still in a very wet UK, but, WATCH THIS SPACE! There should be some news (good or bad) within the next 48 hours.