Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Offer Accepted ...

Soon after my last post, I found an email, sent by my man in Kisii. I almost dared not read it.

After the usual profuse greeting to me and mine, he eventually got around to telling me that my offer had been accepted. As long as I could get the money out to Kisii before the end of the month, the business was mine.

He apologised for the delay in letting me know, but the power had been cut, which got me wondering why I was starting up a reasonably high-tech business in an area where electricity is still a luxury, and therefore not always available.

Oh well, at least the competition has the same problem - yes, there are other cyber cafés in town. In fact the shop next door is a bigger, "better" cyber café. But mine still has its fair share of clients.

And I reckon, at very little cost (and a UK mind-set), we could make ours as attractive as next door. Not that we need to increase our client base by much. We only have 10 PCs and most are occupied for a good part of the day.

All I need to do now is save up my air fare (and some spending money) and get out there!


glo said...

hi, good to hear that your offer was accepted. I intend to set up my project in Kangundo District - its about 40km from Nairobi.
I think all the kids in the orphanage
will be excited to be involved in growing their own food. I hope once we are settled in Kenya, we can pay the orphanage a visit and see the "model" shamba too.

Dad Mzungu said...

Our shamba project, like so many, is relying on some organisation or other giving us a grant to get things moving, but it will be built - I have decided!
One of the ACIS directors comes from Machakos and we have a project north of there, so it cannot be that far from Kangundo.
The kids always like to see visitors and sometimes do a little song and dance for them and I know that the older ones will be excited to grow different crops, especially if they get to eat something other than sukuma ;)